Taking style to another level

‘Never judge a book by it’s cover!’ But who says that one shouldn’t have a good cover.  After all first impression is last impression so why compromise on style when it comes to your mobile phone case.

Looking for a luxurious case that not only gives protection to your cell phone but also makes a statement?

Well look no further as Case-Mate presents t you Carbon Fiber, an exquisite case made out of technologically advanced lightweight fibers used in Formula one cars and luxury automobiles.



Carbon Fiber is not just a case but an element of your personality and a sign of class.

And with it’s unique interlocking case design which adds a higher level of protection there’s no reason to worry about any damage being caused to your mobile phone.

You can shop for a Carbon Fiber here: http://case-mate.in/collections/carbon-fiber.html

Crafted Woods

Sophistication is not something you are born with, It’s something which you develop. The way you carry yourself, the things that you carry and the confidence you portray.
Case-Mate brings to you Crafted Woods,a case that is a symbol of class and sophistication.

The Crafted Woods Collection is a marriage of sophisticated natural materials with a thoughtful attention to assembly and finishing detail.

Create a classic look that is a staple of sophisticated style.

case-mate crafted woods iphone 5

You can shop for the case here: http://case-mate.in/collections/crafted-woods.html

Choose your Creatures By Case-Mate

“Why so serious?” Yes it’s time to forget all your worries. relax and think like a child again with Case-Mate’s Creature collection.  Choose a creature case for your phone and match its charm to yours! Case-mate’s creature collection textured with raised pieces create a tactile design that’s fun to hold.

Bubbles Creature

“Who says monkeying around is a bad thing. Play it cool with the Bubble case and show everyone that s0me times it’s good to be kiddish and just enjoy. This case  brings out your fun side and keeps you protected with a flexible, all silicone shell.

Zing Creature

“Near or far, there’s no creature in the land as adorable as Xing. Show the world your innocent side with the ever so adorable panda. The too-cute Panda case protects with a flexible, all silicone design.


“Flock your own way with the Peacock case. The case with it’s unique design and beauty of the ever so pleasing peacock is one which you just can’t miss out on. This on-trend Peacock case adds an irresistible fashion look with a flexible all silicone design.


Take a one-legged stand with Pinky. The case with it’s bright colors is one which will always keep you in a cheerful mood. This flamingo case protects with its flexible, all silicon design.

These are just a few of the various creatures available at Case-Mate.

So hurry up and get the Creature which best defines you because this season it’s time to be playful.



Case-Mate’s Pop! ID

Join the back pocket revolution. The Pop! ID case mixes a convenient built-in wallet with a protective design, making it the perfect combination. Holding up to two credit cards, the snug fit design keeps the cards in place.

This season’s top action colors add a high-energy to the New Pop! ID Collection by Case-Mate, making it an ideal necessity in your styling wardrobe.

So, here’s a sneak peak to Case-Mate’s Pop! ID offering fresh color, protection, style and utility all in one pocket! Explore the collection.

Let us know what you think of the collection by chatting with us onFacebook logo for case-mate

Pop! ID for iphone5

Fashion Inspiration for Bollywood celebrities, By Case-Mate

Two years ago, Case-Mate was first featured in the 53rd Annual Grammy Award’s Official Gift Lounge as the perfect accessory for the most well-styled celebrities on the red carpet.This year, Case-Mate would like to display a series of cases for some well known and well-styled Bollywood celebrities on the red carpet.

For the glamorously dressed women and classy men in the Indian cinema, Case-Mate’s most premium cases are suggested that match their style and personality for the evening.

recomended cases for bollwood men
Recommended cases for bollywood women

Carbon fiber for Samsung Galaxy S4

Case-mate Carbon fibre Samsung S4 Add sophistication to your Phone with Case-mate’s new Carbon Fiber Collection crafted for high-performance automobile enthusiasts, combining carbon fiber threads with a touch of brushed aluminum.

When choosing a case appropriate for you, carbon fiber is one of the most ideal choices due to its competence to be appropriate for both professional and informal occasions.

Case-Mate Tough for Sony Xperia

Some of us just can’t help the fact that we keep dropping our cell phone throughout the day. But that doesn’t mean we stop using them, all one needs is better protectionCase-mate Black Tough case Xperia Z

Case-Mate presents to you the TOUGH, a case which is impact resistant and comes with dual layers of hard shell for secured protection

A case that gives your cell phone the solid protection it needs and allows you to use it freely without worrying about any possible damage if you drop it.

This Monsoon season enjoy the rain along with your phone protect and enjoy your waterproof Xperia Z in the rain with a Case-mate Tough case.

rain-close-up 64

Monsoons are here

Case-mate  pink barely there Iphone5 caseAs the Summer heat and Sunny mornings are to an end, fashion and style are innovating their way to a drizzling turn. Experience these pleasant days with style, using Case-Mate collection cases. Because unlike the rest of us, fashion and style never take a vacation.

Barely There

How many times have you come across a case that is easy on the eye, looks radiant and barely gives you a feeling that you have put a case to cover your cell

With Case-Mate’s BARELY THERE you get all these qualities in one.

It’s very simple in it’s design and with a wide variety of colors you can get a BARELY THERE for each day. Match it with your outfit or your accessories or just show the world a new colorful side everyday and choose the color which suits your mood.

Neon your way through the rain with Barely There’s Neon color series along with a number of other colors to suit your days outfit. Choose from 145+ colors. So whats your color of the day?

case-mate barely there brights cases for iphone


Drizzle your way through the rain with Case-mate’s Rpet case that once belonged to nature itself.Rpet Barely there is a Case-Mate collection that has been recycled using plastic bottles, one bottle for one case. So this monsoon switch the trend a little and go trendy the green way, Using Case-Mate’s Rpet


Case-Mate’s Premium Cases

Case-Mate Tortoiseshell Iphone5 case

Case-Mate’s Studio Collection, Premium cases that add to your image

Crafted Woods: Inspired by vintage automotive interiors, the Crafted Woods Collection is a marriage of sophisticated natural materials with a thoughtful attention to assembly and finishing detail. The texture and warmth of each wood is contrasted with a slowly polished brushed aluminum. This ageless combination creates a classic look that is a staple of sophisticated style.  Available in Rosewood and Blackened Ash.

Tortoiseshell: The Case-Mate Tortoiseshell Case is created by first tinting a molded translucent polycarbonate shell and then delicately hand-painting each tinted shell individually – staying true to tortoise shell’s original characteristics where no two designs are exactly same. The Case-Mate Tortoise Shell Case is minimalist by design to maintain the sophisticated appearance and sleekness of your smartphone.

Brushed Aluminum: Sophistication is in the details. The Brushed Aluminum case excites with a blend of sleek & sporty with top-notch protection. Available in Brushed Gunmetal with Black.

Carbon Fiber: The Carbon Fiber Collection is crafted from the technologically advanced lightweight fibers used by Formula One race cars and luxury automobiles. By combining a weave of carbon fiber threads with a touch of brushed aluminum, the Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Collection creates a handsome aesthetic for high-performance automobile enthusiasts. Available in Nero (Black) and Argento (Silver)Case-Mate Brushed-Aluminum-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III

Glam: Designed for elegantly styled women, the Case-Mate Glam Collection is inspired by dazzling fine jewelry that shimmers. The dynamic sparkle of the Glam Collection is created through a unique finishing process in which vibrant sparkles are captured onto a glossy, smooth surface, ensuring durability and a stunning depth of color. Available in Champagne, Rosegold, and Midnight.

Madison: The Madison Collection embodies the iconic trend of quilted fashion accessories. By combining quilted genuine leather with the added refinement of Swarovski Crystals, the Madison case is perfect for the fashionable, modern woman. Available in Black.

Signature Flip: Fashioned from genuine leather, the tailored design has 360-degree front and back protection. An ultra-soft microfiber lines the inside for extra protection and polish. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the boardroom and beyond. Available in Black.